HOW SHE WEARS IT WITH FRANCESCA BONATO, co-founder coqui coqui hotels and perfumes

I've loved Francy since we met in Tulum, Mexico, ten or twelve years ago. I remember when Nico (Nicolas Malleville, her husband and co-founder of Coqui Coqui) told us how he met the woman of his dreams: long black hair, piercing green eyes, and how she was the one. 

With her infectious laugh, incredibly warm heart, and beaming smile, Francy is one of those friends you, too, instantly love. She's a woman of many talents, from managing their hotels in the Yucutan (Coba, Merida, and Valladolid), designing a collection of homewares, hammocks, and travel luggage to working with Nico on his Perfumeria; Francy and Nico have created the Coqui Coqui world, a paradise really, that they share with all of us.

Lucky for us, even if you have yet to make it to one of their properties, you can bring a part of Coqui Coqui to your home with their addictive, aromatic candles and body fragrances like Coco Coco (coconut), Tabaco (Tobacco leaves) or my favorite Maderas (Sandalwood and Tropical Woods), or beautifully hand-made accessories for your home. Thankful to have the two ingenues in our life and now their three adorable kids. They are all just pure magic.