Our Guide to Preserving Sherman Field Fine Jewelry

Jewelry Care on a Day-to-day Basis:

Your Sherman Field Jewelry is delicate and precious. We recommend the following considerations when wearing your pieces to preserve your jewelry as long as possible:

  • Remove your jewelry when washing your hands or using corrosive products that could permanently damage precious metal, stone, or pearls.
  • When wearing your jewelry, consider your regular activities, including the potential for impact (like exercise), to prevent dents or heavy scratches. 
  • Take your time putting on your jewelry. Check that your clasps and closing mechanisms, such as our key rings, are closed to ensure a tight closure. 
  • Avoid direct exposure to high heat and extreme temperature fluctuations.  

Jewelry Care for Preservation 

  • Regular Cleaning for Solid Gold Jewelry Only: Your jewelry should be cleaned regularly. Have your piece professionally cleaned if it consists of Precious and Semi-Precious Stones. If your piece does not feature any stones, you may clean it with a very soft, small brush in lukewarm, soapy water, carefully rinse it in lukewarm water, and wipe it with a soft cloth. Annually, please check in with our specialists at info@shermanfield.com  to have your piece thoroughly cleaned and revitalized. 
  • Caring for Gemstones and Pearls: To preserve their inherent luster, Keep them away from intense sunlight, high temperatures, and chlorinated pools. 
  • Caring for Lockets: Do not expose your locket to water, i.e., the pool, the shower or bath, humid environments like a sauna or steam, or exercise where one perspires a lot. The photos are water resistant but are not waterproof. Please take off your locket during activities that may subject it to impact or scratches, such as exercising or engaging in manual work. Open and close the locket gently to avoid wear on the hinges and clasps. Periodically check the condition of the locket, including clasps, hinges, and any gemstones. If any mechanisms do not close tight, please get in touch with us at info@shermanfield.com for further instruction. 
  • Our Double Locking Mechanisms: All our chain necklaces and bracelets have double locking mechanisms - a single locket on the clasp and a figure 8 placed above the clasp. Please ensure you close both clasps and hear a clicking sound when securing your clasp. If either locking mechanism becomes lost, please contact info@shermanfield.com immediately and refrain from wearing your piece.
  • Key Rings: Our key ring components do not have a double locking mechanism as this design has a steady, heavy-weight construction that resists opening. This ring is designed to open inwards, not outwards. Ensure you listen for a clicking sound when securing this ring onto your necklace. If you notice it becomes loose at any time or starts opening outward, please get in touch with us immediately at info@shermanfield.com and refrain from wearing this piece and any pendants attached to it.
  • Caring for Beaded Jewelry: we string and knot these necklaces extra tight to avoid loose areas. Please avoid hanging heavy pendants on these pieces as, unlike metal, they may not be able to sustain the weight. Ensure that you avoid exposing your beaded jewelry to water or any chemicals. However, if you notice any gaps in your pieces over time, please contact us immediately at info@shermanfield.com so we can restart your piece. 
  • Repairs: Please email us at info@shermanfield.com with a description of your piece and, preferably, a photo of your piece explaining the issue. We will then contact you directly with the next steps. 

Storing Your Sherman Field Jewelry

  • Secure Storage: Your Sherman Field package is designed to safeguard your jewelry. Isolate each piece to avert potential scuffs, damage, or tangling with other jewelry.
  • Chain Care: Fasten chains before laying them flat to prevent knotting.
  • Isolated Storage: Store each piece of jewelry separately to minimize the risk of scratches. High-polished styles, with large smooth areas and no surface texture, will scratch over time, so if you prefer to avoid this, store these pieces separately from other jewelry and do not layer other jewelry on top of them.

Insurance Recommendation 

We recommend to all our clients to insure their fine jewelry from Sherman Field.  We’ve included some recommendations below that may help inform your decision.

  • Tailored Coverage: Speak to your homeowner or renter's insurance agent about adding scheduled personal property coverage for your Sherman Field jewelry.
  • Specialized Jewelry Insurance: Explore insurance options from technical providers like Jewelers Mutual or Lloyd's of London. Advantages include specialized rates for security measures and comprehensive protection against various risks.

For further inquiries or support, please email us at info@shermanfield.com so a specialist can contact you directly. Our commitment is to help you maintain the utmost beauty and excellent condition of your Sherman Field jewelry.