How She Wears It with Yumi Shin, Chief Merchandising Officer of Bergdorf Goodman

If you haven't previously heard of Yumi Shin, you'd be forgiven. She's the kind of true fashion insider, a legit style guru who typically avoids the spotlight - yet within the inner workings of the industry, she's an icon. Lucky me, she also happens to be my friend.  

Yumi, who started her career at Barneys New York, continuing to lead merchandising teams at Prada, and then a crucial role in growing Saks Fifth Avenue's digital business, is now the Chief Merchandising Officer at Bergdorf Goodman.  She oversees all the legendary retailer's product categories across all touchpoints.      

All photography with Yumi Shin by Tommy Ton.


Reversible Diamond Circle Nephrite Jade Photo Locket, 18k Y. Gold

Diamond Tie Pin Brooch, 18k Y. Gold

While Yumi has earned accolades in both brick-and-mortar and digital retail, we're currently struck by her completely unique personal style. She has an incredible knack for wearing a garment just so or placing an unexpected accessory with such effortlessness that we can't help but be in awe. 

On an overcast Spring afternoon in New York, I met up with her good friend (and mine), photographer Tommy Ton, to see exactly how Yumi styles and wears Sherman Field

Sherman Field launched five years ago with a small collection of hand-linked chains and a few rings. But before our first capsule, we took a full year to develop our own certified and recycled 18k yellow gold blend in our signature warm hue. By slightly tweaking the levels of zinc and copper, we developed a proprietary blend for our jewelry - our chunkiest pieces are where this unique gold really shines. Our newest link, dubbed the Orbit Link, was sculpted in thick gold and adorned with channel set diamonds. Each princess-cut diamond has been cut specifically to be set in each link, creating a seamless look without prongs. 

Oval Chain Necklace, 18k Y.Gold, Large Link, 16" 

Diamond Orbit Link Bracelet, 18k Y. Gold, 7.25"

Diamond Orbit Studs, 18k Y. Gold

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Tahitian Drop Pearl Pendant, 18k Y. Gold

Diamond Red Chalcedony Studs, 18k Y. Gold